Behind The Music

Behind The Music


 Charlie Green has performed on many stages around the Pacific Northwest since graduating in 2013. It all began with only a few years of vocal training and playing guitar. Charlie's love for music was found in an old radio at the age of 5. Singing in the car while playing a dashboard drum set became a routine performance for his supportive family members. He continued his young interest in music by learning the Trumpet in 5th grade, and went on to learn many more instruments throughout the years. From that first horn to a bass guitar in 2008, Charlie took interest in many genres of music. Going through phases of Rock, Alternative, Metal, Reggae, and Metalcore, he was bound to stumble across the sound of Country. From a young age, Charlie had been in love with the outdoors and the idea of a simple life. Around 2010 his love for country music became a life style as he got his first acoustic guitar. It was then that he joined the Evergreen High School concert choir. After one semester of hard work and practice, Charlie advanced to Chamber Choir. Showing his love for music and dedication, his instructor gave him the honor of being the Bass Section Leader and made it into District Honors Choir, as well as Select Mens Ensemble. Charlie finished off his senior year winning the talent shows "Best Vocal" award. With just a few years of vocal training and learning guitar, he went on to pursue his dream and life purpose. 

With determination and extreme dedication to music, this young artist went on to share the stage with hit singer/songwriters, James Otto, Brian McComas, Keith Anderson, Jason Michael Carroll and more. After opening for Keith in 2014, Charlie was asked to be a part of his 2015 "Keith Unplugged Tour" where he played live on local country radio station KMNT 104.3


After a couple years studying the music industry, Charlie decided it was time to head to Nashville Tennessee and record his debut EP. Charlie recorded at Larry Beaird's studio, Beaird Music Group, and got the chance to perform in a Nashville round at The Commodore... Click here to read more

     Over the past couple of years, Charlie has been raising money to get to Nashville Tennessee and record his original music. Thanks to the major support from family, friends, and fans, he will now be releasing his debut EP, Don't Mess April 20, 2016.
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